Summarizing Question Answering

Here are the Python and JavaScript examples for text summarization using pgml SDK

Imports and Setup

The SDK and datasets are imported. Builtins are used for transformations.

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const pgml = require("pgml");

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from pgml import Collection, Model, Splitter, Pipeline, Builtins
from datasets import load_dataset
from dotenv import load_dotenv

Initialize Collection

A collection is created to hold text passages.

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const collection = pgml.newCollection("my_javascript_sqa_collection");

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collection = Collection("squad_collection")

Create Pipeline

A pipeline is created and added to the collection.

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const pipeline = pgml.newPipeline(
await collection.add_pipeline(pipeline);

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model = Model()
splitter = Splitter()
pipeline = Pipeline("squadv1", model, splitter)
await collection.add_pipeline(pipeline)

Upsert Documents

Text passages are upserted into the collection.

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const documents = [
id: "...",
text: "...",
await collection.upsert_documents(documents);

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data = load_dataset("squad")
documents = [
{"id": ..., "text": ...}
for r in data
await collection.upsert_documents(documents)

Query for Context

A vector search retrieves a relevant text passage.

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const queryResults = await collection
.vector_recall(query, pipeline)
const context = queryResults[0][1];

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results = await collection.query()
.vector_recall(query, pipeline)
context = results[0][1]

Summarize Text

The text is summarized using a pretrained model.

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const builtins = pgml.newBuiltins();
const summary = await builtins.transform(
{task: "summarization",
model: "sshleifer/distilbart-cnn-12-6"},

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builtins = Builtins()
summary = await builtins.transform(
{"task": "summarization",
"model": "sshleifer/distilbart-cnn-12-6"},