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PostgresML comes with an app to provide visibility into models and datasets in your database. If you're running the standard docker container, you can view it running on http://localhost:8000/. Since your pgml schema starts empty, there isn't much to see. If you'd like to generate some examples, you can run the test suite against your database.

Generate example data

The test suite for PostgresML is composed by running the sql files in the examples directory. You can use these examples to populate your local installation with some seed data. The test suite only operates on the pgml schema, and is otherwise isolated from the rest of the Postgres cluster.

$ psql -f pgml-extension/sql/test.sql -P pager postgres://postgres@


Now there should be something to see in your local dashboard.


Projects organize Models that are all striving toward the same task. They aren't much more than a name to group a collection of models. You can see the currently deployed model for each project indicated by .



Models are the result of training an algorithm on a Snapshot of a dataset. They record metrics depending on their projects task, and are scored accordingly. Some models are the result of a hyperparameter search, and include additional analysis on the range of hyperparameters they are tested against.



A Snapshot is created during training runs to record the data used for further analysis, or to train additional models against identical data.



Every deployment is recorded to track models over time.