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Get lightning speed feature recall for online predictions, along with instant scalability and long term monitoring for your machine learning models running inside the world’s most capable feature store.

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How It

PostgresML integrates the feature store, model store and inference layers into a seamless shared memory space.

Implemented inside PostgreSQL with Rust, it safely achieves maximum performance, eliminating network calls, process boundaries, data duplication and (de)serialization required in traditional machine learning architectures.

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Up to 40x performance improvement over traditional machine learning architectures.

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PostgresML is your model store, feature store, inference server and deployment pipeline.

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Say good bye to Python microservices. PostgresML trains and manages your machine learning models end to end.

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Scale your inference layer to millions of predictions per second with PostgresML replicas.

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Your Data

Automatically add your features with replication from your primary data store, via our secure connection manager.

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Highly Available

Abstract everything behind a single connection string with smart query routing, sharding, and enterprise-grade managed infrastructure.

How to Use It

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SELECT pgml.train(
  'Sales Forecasting',
  task => 'regression',
  relation_name => 'historical_sales',
  y_column_name => 'next_week_sales',
  algorithm => 'xgboost'
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SELECT pgml.deploy(
  'Sales Forecasting',
  strategy => 'best_score',
  algorithm => 'xgboost'
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SELECT pgml.predict(
  'Sales Forecasting',
) AS prediction
ORDER BY prediction DESC;

What Adopters Say

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"Absolutely brilliant" on PgCat, our sharded PostgreSQL proxy.

Carnegie Mellon
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"The improvement is quite remarkable" on PostgresML v2.0.

Scaling Postgres
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"Bleeding edge stuff in a matter of minutes."

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"I'm itching to apply it everywhere I set my foot!"

Stone Cross Foundation
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"The simplicity and ergonomics are really exciting."

Practical AI
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Fastest Inference

PostgresML eliminates separation between your model server and your feature store, minimizing latency and computation costs. Our benchmarks show a 8x-40x improvement over Python HTTP microservices.

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All Your Favorite Algorithms

Whether you need a simple linear regression or extreme gradient boosting, PostgresML includes support for all classification and regression algorithms in Scikit Learn, XGBoost, LightGBM and pre-trained deep learning models from Hugging Face.

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Hyperparameter Search

Use either grid or random searches with cross validation on your training data to discover the most important knobs to tweak on your favorite algorithm, with best practices automatically enforced for testing model quality before deploying to production.

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Online & Offline

Predictions are served via a standard Postgres connection to ensure that your core apps can always access both your data and your models in real time. Pure SQL workflows also enable batch predictions to cache results in native Postgres tables.



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