Hoo is PostgresML?

We’re a humble team of engineers, academics and creatives primarily located on earth.

Our story

PostgresML was founded in 2022 by Lev and Montana, who met working as ML infrastructure engineers at Instacart in the midst of one of the company’s highest growth periods ever.

At Instacart, they needed a platform to quickly and reliably implement online systems like the site search engine and real time fraud detection – crucial functions for ecommerce. They found that complex and data hungry AI & ML apps blocked their ability to deliver fast, efficient systems that could scale with the company’s data infrastructure. 

Today’s machine learning apps and their practitioners are encountering the same problem. As more tools enter the market, MLOps architecture has only grown more complex and inefficient. A patchwork of microservices is slower for users, and it’s more complexity for engineers and product teams to build and manage. 

That’s why we made PostgresML. It’s all the functionality and simplicity Lev and Montana wished they had – a GPU-powered AI database that can be built and managed with SQL. With PostgresML more developers, founders and in-house teams can build and scale their AI apps without all the complexity.

Montana Low
Lev Kokotov
Santi Adavani
Kevin Zimmerman
Daniel Illenberger
Silas Marvin
Cassandra Stumer
Angela Chavez-Luna
Ryan Coughlin

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