Meet us at the 2024 Postgres Conference!

Announcing our sponsorship of the Postgres Conference in San Jose April 17-19
By Cassandra Stumer

Meet us at the 2024 Postgres Conference!


Cassandra Stumer

March 20, 2023

Hey database aficionados, mark your calendars because something big is coming your way! We're thrilled to announce that we will be sponsoring the 2024 Postgres Conference – the marquee PostgreSQL conference event for North America.

Why should you care? It's not every day you get to dive headfirst into the world of Postgres with folks who eat, sleep, and breathe data. We're talking hands-on workshops, lightning talks, and networking galore. Whether you're itching to sharpen your SQL skills or keen to explore the frontier of machine learning in the database, we've got you covered.


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PostgresML CEO and founder, Montana Low, will kick off the event on April 17th with a keynote about navigating the confluence of hardware evolution and machine learning technology.

We’ll also be hosting a masterclass in retrieval augmented generation (RAG) on April 18th. Our own Silas Marvin will give hands-on guidance to equip you with the ability to implement RAG directly within your database.

But wait, there's more! Our senior team will be at our booth at all hours to get to know you, talk shop, and answer any questions you may have. Whether it's about PostgresML, machine learning, or all the sweet merch we’ll have on deck.


If you’d like some 1:1 time with our team at PgConf contact us here. We’d be happy to prep something special for you.

So, why sit on the sidelines when you could be right in the thick of it, soaking up knowledge, making connections, and maybe even stumbling upon your next big breakthrough? Clear your schedule, grab your ticket, and get ready to geek out with us in San Jose.

See you there!