Machine Learning Engineer

PostgresML provides microsecond inference with the world's most capable feature store. It allows you to easily train and deploy online models using only SQL. We're looking for a experienced Machine Learning Engineers to help shape the core product, inside and out. This is an IC role, but will be critical in building the future team as well as the core product, while leading efforts toward more efficient and effective Machine Learning workflows for our customers.

Reach out if you want to:

  • Work with an engineering team to implement ML solutions at scale
  • Build an infrastructure platform across multiple cloud providers
  • Integrate the latest models and frameworks w/ vector and tabular database operations
  • Diagnose customer scale and performance issues

About Us

We're a Seed stage startup with experienced software engineers and designers who specialize broadly across the skillsets required to build machine learning infrastructure. We use Rust to operate within Postgres for memory efficiency and performance at scale with standard supervised learning libraries, such as Torch, Tensorflow and XGBoost, to build a hosted, horizontally scalable platform on top of Postgres.

We bias toward action and course correct based on feedback. We're not afraid of failure, we're always learning. We enjoy working on big problems with a pragmatic approach, participating in the broader open source community.


  • 5+ years of relevant experience in roles that require a strong statistical background day to day. Related degree preferred.
  • Experience designing machine learning models (data analysis, feature engineering, algorithm selection), and working with them in a production environment, using a language like R, Python or C++
  • Understanding of SQL concepts for data retrieval, cleaning and feature engineering
  • Presentation and communication skills, diagrams as well as documents to explain deep concepts


We take care of our team and care about your well being.

  • Remote-first, work from anywhere in the United States
  • We cover the max allowable (99%) health, dental and vision premiums for platinum tier insurance plans
  • $5k/year hardware budget, $500/month home office reimbursement as well as conference, learning and development stipend
  • If you live in the Bay Area, we hike and hang out every Wednesday. We prefer that to Zoom, so we’ll offer you a relocation package if you’re interested in the beautiful weather.
  • Unlimited PTO, and we strongly encourage you to use it to stay healthy and happy. It's typical for employees to take 3-4 weeks per year, in addition to holidays.

Employment Eligibility

You must be eligible to work in the United States.

Have Questions?

Join our Discord and ask us anything! We're friendly and would love to talk about PostgresML and PgCat.

Try It Out

Try PostresML using our free serverless cloud. It comes with GPUs, 5 GiB of space and plenty of datasets to get you started.