Cloud database

PostgresML cloud databases can be deployed using three (3) configurations: serverless, dedicated and enterprise. Each has its advantages and are tailored for companies of all sizes.

Plans available on PostgresML Cloud


The Serverless plan allows to quickly and easily create PostgresML databases that can scale from very little capacity to gigabytes of GPU cache and terabytes of disk storage. Their main use case is for teams that want to start small and grow as their usage of PostgresML increases. It has no fixed costs, starts at $0 with a generous free tier, and scales instantly to add more capacity.


The Dedicated plan is for larger startups and enterprises that have established PostgresML as their AI database of choice. It provides a large assortment of hardware, including CPU and GPU configurations, basically bottomless storage capacity and horizontal scaling into millions of queries per second.

The Dedicated plan gives users access to Postgres settings, PgCat settings, replication configuration, tuning, horizontal scalability configuration, metrics, logs, and many more tools and knobs expected from enterprise-grade hosted PostgreSQL deployments.


The Enterprise plan is for large companies that have special compliance needs and deployment configurations. The plan includes support for cloud-prem and on-prem deployments, ACLs, Single Sign On and a dedicated solutions architect who will ensure that the enterprise users have a successful onboarding and integration experience with PostgresML.